Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guest Blogger on Worry

It's been a month since I've blogged. And I have good excuses (I think). I finished up two grad classes, ran a half marathon, and am planning a wedding. I get married a week from Friday, and I actually feel a bit frayed from not having time to document--write out--some of the fun and funny and humbling experiences that come with getting engaged and planning a wedding and accepting the unconditional love of another. So, I promise I will share more on these soon.

But when my mother emailed this morning and complained about my lack of blogging, I said, "well, look, since you've got sooooo much time to be reading blogs, why don't you WRITE mine today!"

She took me up on it. And, to be honest, I was surprised (and I shouldn't have been) at my mom's thoughtful, organized writing! So, here's what my beautiful friend and momma has to say today (completely unedited!). And I promise, more from me soon!

Me blog? Ha! Or at least that’s what I thought until my daughter suggested that I guest blog for her. I was giving her crap for going almost a whole month without a single blog entry. I suppose getting married and planning a wedding in 7 weeks precludes blogging. But still, isn’t she considering the rest of us out there that check in faithfully only to find May 27th still front and center?

As the mother of the bride, it’s been a hectic time for me as well, however, I will say that having a very organized, anal daughter marrying a very organized anal young man makes things go relatively smoothly.

What some of you don’t know about me is that I’m a worrier. I can worry about anything. Now only 9 days out from the wedding, I can worry about the weather. (Since the ceremony is supposed to be outdoors - in Minnesota this is a gamble!) I can worry about the color of napkins! I can worry about my dress. I can worry about shoes. I can worry about how the food will look, let alone taste. I can worry about logistics. I can lay awake at night (or early morning) and worry about any number of things that I have no control over. I worry.

This past weekend I gathered together with my college girl friends for our annual weekend reunion. One of my friends had just gotten back from a trip to Germany and other bordering countries and was telling us about a 30 year old young man and his father who were also on the trip. The young man was wheel chair bound and his father was there to carry and lift him whenever needed. Apparently, in Germany and many other countries, this was needed constantly since they don’t have handicap accessible spaces as we do here. One time he needed to be carried up several flights of stairs after de-boarding a plane that couldn’t get close enough to the tarmac. After watching for several days the incredible love this man had for his son, my friend finally asked the father how he did it. He replied that two things needed to happen. First his son had to let go of his wheelchair and trust him and second his son needed to hold tightly on to him. He said it’s the same way our heavenly Father is with us. In order for Him to help us, we need to let go of our ‘wheel chairs’ and hang on to Him.

This picture has come back to me many times since this weekend. Every time I catch myself fretting over yet another detail, I think of this young man and his father and the beautiful picture that is now painted in my mind. I need to let go of my ‘wheel chair’ (or in my case, wheel chairs) and hang on to my heavenly Father. He’s just waiting to help me!

9 days and counting!
----the bride's mom